Bad double-decker Devil!

7 June 1983
Columbus, Indiana, United States
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Columbus North High School - Columbus IN (1997 - 2001)
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alchemist, alcohol, all that remains, anneke van giersbergen, auf der maur, ayreon, baby kitties, beach, behemoth, beseech, biodroids, blackfield, blind guardian, bloodbath, carcass, chris cornell, corrosion of conformity, dark tranquility, darkane, daylight dies, death metal, devin townsend, dog fashion disco, down, dream theater, enslaved, european metal, fear factory, flowing tears, friends, geddy lee, glitter, gothenburg metal, gwen stefani, h.i.m., head control system, hello kitty, in flames, johnny depp, katatonia, l.a.m.b., lacuna coil, lewis black, lilo and stitch, lord of the ring, mastodon, megadeth, mercenary, meshuggah, metal, middle earth, mikael akerfeldt, moonspell, morbid angel, muse, my ruin, nothingface, ocean machine, opeth, panera bread, pantera, porcupine tree, progressive metal, raunchy, red, rush, sappy chick movies, sleeping til 1, soilwork, soundgarden, stars, steve wilson, stolen babies, strapping young lad, stream of passion, superjoint ritual, tattoos, temple of the dog, the devin townsend band, the family guy, the gathering, the provenance, theprp, thestart, tori amos, type o negative, ulver, viggo mortensen, vinyasa yoga, vision of disorder, waffle and steak, web design, within temptation, yoga, your mom, ziltoid the omniscient, zimmers hole

Devin Townsend is Hevy Devy.